About Us

Manomay IT Consulting is a global IT products and services provider company having expertise in Information Security, Web Application Development, IT Outsourcing and Server Management. We have a wide range of certified consultants having vast experience in Information Technology. We incorporated with Mission to empower Customers, effectively manage their “Digital Assets”, to protect, comply and grow business profitably, in the Data, Network and Application (DNA of every business) protection and management space.

We specialize in Network Architecture Review, Vulnerability Assessment, Web Application Penetration Testing and Network Penetration Testing. We are also in managing servers and core IT infrastructure for small and medium sized organizations. We provide security, server administration and disaster prevention which facilitates management of Intranets, OWeb-based and regular Email messaging solutions, and business-critical IT infrastructure. The company provides a wide range of web services to more than 100 clients including Corporate, Government organisations, Online Media and individual entities. Our clients choose us because we challenge convention to find the solutions that really work – in practice, not just on paper.

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