Nipper Studio - Configuration Audit Tool

Nipper Studio is one of the most advanced and detailed configuration auditing tools in the world and is used to harden and secure your essential network devices such as Firewalls, Switches and Routers. Unlike scanning based solutions Nipper Studio looks at the actual configuration of the device. This means that the tool has access to the inner workings of the device and can therefore produce a much more detailed analysis of its vulnerabilities. Nipper Studio then writes up its findings in an easy to understand report which highlights all the potential vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Key Features

  • Harden your network
  • Know your risks
  • Nipper enables Cisco to test devices in a fraction of time
  • Great Value - Hard on vulnerabilities, easy on your budget
  • Flexible Reporting - Adaptable content & Powerful export options
  • Standalone or integrate with other Tools & Solutions
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