YouGuard is built on award winning technology that has stood the test of time. It’s core engine is actively used by various large companies and governments alike around the world. YouGuard is simple; we give you exactly what you need in a light package that has the ultimate balance between flexibility and hardcore security. Where that ultimate balance lies is entirely up to you.

What Makes YouGuard Different?

A common misconception in the world of IT security is that Pass-the-Hash and -Pass-the-ticket attacks are something of the past. The reality is that this is not the case since traditional solutions such as Kerebros(Windows Native Smart Card Solution) generate a hash which is everlasting. Due to this reason, Pass-the-Hash attacks become particulary problematic and thus the enviornment in question is not really secure. Furthermore traditional 2FA software is extremely rigid, generally leaving a gap between a customers security policy and their options. YouGuard is different; it allows you to fully construct your 2FA solution to match your exact security policy in a simple way and with total control. By default YouGuard operates in collaboration with your Active Directory setup, however users have the option to operate in total autonomy; essentially severing ties to the domain provider. This means that YouGuard could operate entirely independant of any type of domain and can even run on a stand alone computer.

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